Woonbeurs // Dutch interior fair


Afgelopen week was ik op de woonbeurs in Amsterdam. Vorig jaar was ik er voor het eerst en ik kwam tot de conclusie dat je er ook je hartje kunt ophalen als je geen concrete bouw- verbouw- of verhuisplannen hebt. Vandaar dat ik ook dit jaar weer ging om gewoon inspiratie op te doen. Hier vind je een beeldende opsomming van mijn bevindingen!

This past week I went to an event called ‘Woonbeurs’ in Amsterdam. It’s an event where you can find inspiration for everything that concerns interior and living. I went to the ‘Woonbeurs’ for the first time last year, and I found that you can eat your heart out there anytime; not just when you have plans of building-, cultivating- or moving house. With that in mind, I went there again this year just for inspiration and you can find a photographic summary of my findings below!












Hi there! This is me: Vera Bertens. Freelance Imagery Inventor from The Netherlands. I live and work in my New England style home that is mostly pink from the inside. In my colorful, mid-century inspired studio I make illustrations, design products and create digital content for my own brand (franje design) as well as other clients, brands and companies.

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